Four for Retailers

Increase your sales today with Four

Give your customer a payment option they'll love that allows them to pay for your products in 4 easy interest-free payments.

Why choose Four?

Higher conversion rates. Larger cart sizes.

Offering Four helps stores lift their converstion rates and cart sizes by allowing customers to pay over time.

How it works


Shoppers purchase items with Four via checkout on your store.


Order can be processed as usual and shipped out immediately.


We pay you upfront and take on all credit and fraud risk.


We pay you out quickly and automatically.

Four benefits include:

Increase Sales, New Customers

Four converts shoppers that would have otherwise abandoned your sales cycle and lifts cart sizes, generating more sales from your existing customer base and converting new customers.

Guarantee up-front payment

Four settles with you up-front, quickly and seamlessly. Without complicated processes or lengthy wait times. Four has convenient settlement periods that add sales and refunds together to create one settlement while keeping it simple.

Eliminate Fraud and Credit Risk

Four assumes all Credit and Fraud based risk for every transaction.


Zero Interest. zero risk.

Are you ready to use Four for your business?